A tree stands stronger when its roots grow deep.

Just like the tall tree that is a culmination of the deep roots, the bark and the leaves, Hifield-AG® is dedicated to create a success that is the fruit of honesty, transparency, quality and affordable trusted services.

We provide customized solutions in Agro Chemicals to Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers, Pesticide Formulators. Agrochemical Dealers, International Traders, Impex Traders and Agro Consultants. Farming and agriculture are essential to the growth of a country and its economy. Bearing this in mind we work towards generating an advantageous partnership through innovation, superior quality and low pricing for the agricultural stakeholders of the nation.

We at Hifield-AG® believe in-order to 'Grow Together', we have to 'Go Together'. Hence, our business model is based on harmony and trust that enables efficient output benefitting one and all

Best Sellers

  • Super Potassium Humate 98% Flakes
    (Super Grade Flakes)

    Good for making various liquid formulations.

    Super Potassium Humate 98% Flakes
  • Organic Seaweed Extract Powder
    (For Overall Development)

    Organic Seaweed Extract Powder (Hi-Protein)
  • Fulvic Acid Potassium 80%
    (Effective shoot growth regulator)

    Can be used in all kinds of Humic formulations & can also make stand alone formulations.

    Fulvic Acid Potassium 80%
  • Amino Acid 50% (Compound)
    (Readymade food for plants)

    Very good additive for Seaweed based formulations, stimulants & for making other amino formulations.

    Amino Acid 50% (Compound)
  • Gibberellic Acid Tech (90% Purity)
    (Effective Plant growth regulator.)

    For cell elongation, use for increase in size of fruits & target crops.

    Gibberellic Acid Tech (90% Purity)


Hifield–AG has its eyes locked on the big picture that starts with the small seed that holds all life.

Focused on innovative products that benefit the agricultural industry, Hifield–AG holds itself to the highest standard of business and transaction. This includes customized solutions that help our customers be future-ready.

Brand Products

  • Black Dragon
    (Fulvic / Seaweed/ Humic Combi)

    Growth of roots and overall development.
    It rejuvenates & replenishes the soil with functional micro organisms.
    Dose: 1 gm to 1.5 gm . per lit. water(Spray & Drip)

  • Humic AG 12 Plus
    (Humic Acid 12% + Fulvic Acid 6%)

    Fast growth of roots & shoots
    Improve soil fertility & increases growth of white fibrous roots.
    High quality yield can be obtained.
    Dose: 1 to 2 ml. per lit. of water

  • Retain Bullet
    (Seaweed soil conditioner Bullets)

    Helps optimize Utilization of NPK fertilizers , develops Roots faster & stronger.
    Dose: 3 Kg Per Acre

  • Ethefon
    (Ethephon 39 % SL)

    For Quick Flowering & used for Leaf shedding.
    Dose: 1.5ml per lit. of water

  • Gibrax® Phytozyme
    (Gibberellic Acid 0.001% L)

    It is recommended to use in Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Brinjal, Ladyfinger, Grapes for better yield.
    Dose: 1 ml per liter of water

  • Retain Gel
    (Seaweed soil conditioner Gel)

    Helps optimize Utilization of NPK fertilizers , develops Roots faster & stronger.
    Dose:4 Kg Per Acre

  • Shilajit AG
    (Fulvic Acid 80 % SP)

    Effective Shoot growth Promoter
    Fulvic Acid increase Chlorophyll content and boosts new Vegetative development.
    Dose: 1 g per lit of water (Spray)

  • Scuba Formula-21
    (Seaweed Extract Ginger Special)

    Improve Weight & Size of Ginger.
    Improve Immunity, Increase yield.
    Dose: 1 to 1.5 ml per ltr. of water

  • Commander®
    (Emamectin benzoate 5 % SG)

    Effective control of all kinds of Worms / Caterpillars.
    Dose: 1 gm to 2 gm per litre of Water

  • Pyramid (Acetamiprid 20 %- SP)

    Control all kinds of Sucking Pests like Jassid, Stem borer, Thrips etc.
    Dose:0.5 gm to 1 gm per litre of Water.

  • Katrina
    (Bio Stimulant)

    Increase Cotton Ball Size
    Cotton Crops bear a good number of squares, Dropping of square stops, the size & weight of the cotton ball increase magically.
    Dose: 2 gm per litre of Water

  • Sumo
    (Forchlorfenuron (CPPU)0.1 %)

    Plant Growth Regulator for Export Quality Grape Produce.
    To increase Fruit size.

  • Thunder Ball®
    (Bio stimulant)

    Growth of crop & improvement in quality and quality
    Improve fruit size & achieve uniform quality. Improve natural shining & luster of group berries. Improve storage shelf life & transportation stability.
    Dose: 1 ml per lit. of water (Spray)

  • Counter (Hexaconazole 5 % EC)

    Control of powdery Mildew.
    Dose:2 ml per liter of Water.

  • Humic AG 15
    (Humic Acid 15% + Fulvic Acid 6 %)

    Improve Soil Fertility & increase growth of white fibrous roots. High quality yield can be obtained.
    Dose: 1 to 2 ml. per liter of water